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Restorative Dentistry and Full Mouth Rejuvenation

Houston Dental Partners is committed to restoring complete function to our patients’ mouths with advanced restorative dentistry services and full mouth rejuvenation procedures. Our solutions address any oral health issues your teeth face to bring back function and keep them from becoming more significant problems. Our practice is certified in prosthodontics which includes years of additional education and training, focusing on the design, manufacturing, and replacement of teeth for the highest quality results.

doctor checking patient's teeth

We Have the Answer to Your Dental Concerns

While cosmetic dentistry aims to improve the visual appearance of teeth, restorative dentistry aims to bring full function back to the mouth and improve oral health and performance when chewing and speaking. Each of these options will also significantly improve the aesthetic of the damaged teeth and address problems, such as:

  • Missing teeth
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gaps in front teeth
  • Stains
  • Uneven bites
  • And more

Dental Restoration You Can Smile About

Restorative dentistry at Houston Dental Partners in Houston, TX is about more than improving the appearance of cracked, broken, or missing teeth. Our services eliminate pain and discomfort and add strength and durability so you can use your teeth without limitations. Preserving your teeth, gums, and jawbone is essential to your overall health, and we offer various solutions to do that for you. Contact us today to request an appointment to learn more about restorative dental options.

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